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Fiction and Poetry
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Professional Editing
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Past and Current Projects:

Dorrance Publishing (Pittsburgh, PA)

    More than 200 edited manuscripts, including memoir, fiction, poetry, theology,

    children's books, advice and exercise manuals, and history.

The Best Way to Get Even by Michael W. Cox (Pittsburgh, PA)

    Available from Mammoth Books

Colossus by Greg Leunig (Kansas City, KS)

Multipocalypse by Greg Leunig (Kansas City, KS)

    Forthcoming from Mirror Matter Press

Elvis the Cat: Short Stories by Jason Vrabel (Pittsburgh, PA)

Television Man by Victor Vrabel (Pittsburgh, PA)

San Telmo by Michael Taylor Jackson (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    Available at


Editing Services Available:

Proofreading / Basic Copyediting

Standard read-through for grammar, punctuation, and style errors in commercial and professional writing.

Content Editing

Proofreading with notes on content/structure of the manuscript, creative or commercial.

Creative Critique

Copyediting with written, in-depth feedback and recommendations for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry manuscripts.


Adherence to The Chicago Manual of Style unless otherwise requested. 

Rates based on page count & service type.

Please send inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




Brandon Getz was born and raised outside Pittsburgh, PA. His first stories were about monsters that he drew with his crayons. Monster tales then led to hand-drawn comic books bound in construction paper (ages 8 & 9), his first book without pictures (a 64-page handwritten science-fiction story called A Dangerous Dude, age 10), his second (Codename: Blades, another sci-fi narrative about space commandos, which took him more than 2 years to complete), and high school years rife with rhymed poetry, sad song lyrics, and a couple of morbid short stories. 

Throughout his undergraduate years at the University of Pittsburgh campus in Johnstown, PA, he continued writing, publishing stories and poems in the campus literary journals, in addition to acting, directing, and writing several one-act plays. He earned his bachelor's degree in English Writing in 2007 and began an MFA program at Eastern Washington University (Spokane, WA) in 2008, where he was a fiction editor for Willow Springs literary magazine and taught creative writing to at-risk and homeless youth. He was also the emcee for the Spokane Poetry Slam, forging a literary partnership between the MFA program and local poets.

Since graduating with his MFA, Brandon has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Philadelphia, PA, re-settling in his home city of Pittsburgh. In 2013, he began editing book-length manuscripts for Dorrance Publishing (Pittsburgh) and transitioned to working full-time as a freelance copyeditor in 2016. He continues to write poetry and fiction, publishing in various print and online journals. He is currently working on a story collection and a serialized adventure novel about a werewolf in space.